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Cows are a significant source of milk and additional income, meaning children are well-nourished and less susceptible to disease, and family finances are more reliable. Going to work or school on a full stomach sets everyone up for a good day. When you help donate a cow, you are helping a family create a healthy and stable future.

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Gift Impact

Gift Impact

The gift of economic stability

Meet Chooti, the cow! Chooti came to live with her family in Sri Lanka and has forever changed their lives. 

Help donate a cow to bring joy and hope to a family.

Before someone decided to help give a cow, Irangani’s family had no steady income. It greatly bothered Irangani, as a loving mother, that she had to take odd jobs to make ends meet – jobs that took her away from her children. Fearing for their safety and her ability to provide food, stress enveloped her. There wasn’t even enough money to buy thread to mend the children’s school clothes. Life was very hard. But when Chooti arrived, it all began to turn around.

“She gives me a lot of hope in my life.”

Receiving a cow enabled Irangani’s family to thrive. No longer must Irangani work odd jobs that take her out of town. Now, with the income provided by milk sales, she stays at home and takes care of her family. Income from milk, yogurt, cheese and butter can help pay for things like school fees, clothing, medicine and more. It doesn’t stop there. A cow can provide a herd of calves over its lifetime.

The family now has economic stability. Each day, Chooti provides delicious, nutrient-filled milk, making everyone healthier and happy. One cow has so much to give. A cow can produce up to 20 glasses of protein-rich milk a day!

When you help donate a cow, you give so much more than just an animal. “This gift has been my lifesaver; without this, I could not live. The money I earn provides for all our needs,” says Irangani.

Chooti, the cow, is not simply an animal. She is hope.


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