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Family Food Baskets

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Family Food Baskets

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Loaded with nutritious foods—staples like grains, beans, oil and more—this is a great way to fill hungry bellies with the right stuff.

Thanks to donations from the World Food Programme, your gift multiplies 7X in value to aid food security.

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Fight hunger with food baskets

Fatema was just a babe in arms when her family fled Myanmar four years ago. Mercifully, she is too young to remember the terror and exhaustion of the 12-day trek her family had undergone. Or the terrible hunger they had experienced.

Yet her mother, Nur, recalls all the details – including the indignity and the desperation. “Along the way, we ate waste food that people threw outside their homes,” she says.

Fatema’s family was among the 740,000 Rohingya Muslims who, in 2017, fled extreme violence and persecution in Myanmar. They now live in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh: the world’s largest refugee camp.

The new enemy: malnutrition

Life is safer in Bangladesh, but there are still dangers to confront. Malnutrition is a constant threat in the camp – especially for children under five.

Parents would love to help provide for their children. But like other refugees in Cox’s Bazar, Fatema’s mother and father are not legally permitted to work there. And there is almost no space in the camp to cultivate grains and vegetables.

Childhood doesn’t pause while crises are resolved. Young bodies and brains strive continuously to grow and develop. Yet, without sufficient food, children can suffer a lifetime of effects from mental and physical stunting.

That’s why food assistance has been essential in Cox’s Bazar. World Vision and the World Food Programme are providing monthly rations to 700 refugees daily, such as rice, lentils and oil. To keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, each person is given an appointed time to collect their food.

The gift that lasts a lifetime

Not only is this emergency food saving lives, but it’s also preserving futures – particularly for the very youngest girls and boys. Because the first five years of life are so critical, Fatema and other young children also receive special supplementary foods. They will feel the positive effects for a lifetime.

“I am thankful for the essential food that we receive each month,” says Nur. “It has saved our lives and the lives of thousands of other refugees like us.”