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Provide vital nutrition to families while bringing extra income by giving animals. They are acquired locally and distributed along with feed, training and support.

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$100.00  –  $200.00

Goats are hearty and adorable animals. Their milk is rich in protein, calcium and other nutrients, and is a great benefit to children in need. A goat can pr ...

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Hens and Roosters

$50.00  –  $100.00

The crack of an egg. The first tiny chirp of a newborn chick. These small delights bring joy to children and families who receive hens and a rooster. Better ...

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Goats, Hens and Roosters


Give a goat and chickens! We’ve paired our most popular animals, so you can givestruggling families meaningful gifts that will bring long-term change. Item ...

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Gift of the Season


This bountiful gift provides a new blessing every season—4 gifts of our most popular animals, such as goats, chickens, pigs and cows—wherever they are most ...

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These furry farm animals have one of the world’s highest-valued wool and can produce more than 4 kilograms a year. That’s plenty of clothing, blankets and r ...

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Baby Chicks


What a sweet way for your child to connect with another girl or boy halfway across the world. Item number: 4432

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Beehives and Beekeeping Kits

$60.00  –  $100.00

Bees are a smart gift and a great small business opportunity. Equipped with beekeeping supplies and beehives, beekeepers can produce 50 kilos or more of hon ...

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Chickens and Fruit Trees


A powerhouse combination of hens, roosters and fruit trees to provide two steady sources of protein and healthy vitamins. Fruit, eggs and meat can be sold a ...

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Farm Animal Fund

$20.00  –  $125.00

When you give to the Farm Animal Fund, donations are pooled together to provide farm animals such as cows, piglets, sheep and chickens that provide families ...

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Gift of the Month


Imagine your heart on a trip around the world. Giving hope. Changing lives. World Vision gifts can do this. Your Gift of the Month provides a new blessing e ...

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Help Fill a Stable

$600.00  –  $1,200.00

Break the cycle of poverty when you help fill a stable with farm animals like milk-producing goats and cows, woolly sheep, prolifically breeding pigs and ch ...

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$40.00  –  $120.00

Here’s a gift that keeps on giving! Baby pigs grow quickly and are easy to raise. One sow can produce up to 20 piglets each year to sell at market. That’ll ...

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Piglets + Chicks


The gift of baby pigs and chicks can be the beginning of something big. They’ll quicklygrow to become a steady source of food and income—and a blessing for ...

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$150.00  –  $300.00

Protein-rich milk. Warm wool for weaving. Two to three lambs a year. It’s easy to see why healthy sheep are a blessing for families in need. Item numbers: 3 ...

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Fish Farms


Help families start a new life with fish farms and fishing kits. Your gift includes items like fingerlings (young fish), food, cages, nets and training on h ...

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$200.00  –  $600.00

Few things can transform a family’s future like the incredible bounty of a cow. Her milk is a superfood for hungry children and her calves can become a herd ...

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Featured Gifts
Featured Gifts

COVID-19 Response

Help stop the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) by providing things like protective equipment, masks, hand sanitizer and hand washing stations to vulnerable communities aro ...

Featured Gifts

Handmade Kenyan Black and White Bracelet

Handcrafted black and white bone bracelet with beautiful brass rings. This piece of handmade jewellery can be purchased individually or as a set which makes these great fo ...

Featured Gifts

Handmade Kenyan Earrings

Beautiful handcrafted earrings made from brass and cow horn. Handmade by artisans living in Kibera, Kenya. The earrings are approximately 1”W x 1.75”L. When requesting the ...


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