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Celebrate moms with gifts that change lives
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Multiplies 3x In Value

Mom and Baby Care


With Canadian government grants, your gift multiplies 3X in value to provide expectant or new moms with things like prenatal care, vitamins, delivery kits, ...

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Multiplies 7x In Value

Empower women

$75.00  –  $150.00

Empower women entrepreneurs! Help bring gender equality to their communities. Your gift can do both—help provide sewing machines, cloth, agricultural tools, ...

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Where Most Needed

$25.00  –  $200.00

When you give where most needed, you’ll help provide things like healthcare, safety, food, clean water and more to vulnerable children and families around t ...

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Multiplies 8x In Value

Education Fund

$60.00  –  $100.00

Every child dreams of what they can become—of a life filled with promise. But a child in poverty may never go to school. Help renovate classrooms, train ins ...

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Multiplies 4x In Value

Agricultural Packs

$35.00  –  $70.00

With the right farming resources, families can achieve real food security. Give what they need with agricultural packs. They help provide seeds, tools, trai ...

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Multiplies 5x In Value

Emergency Food

$20.00  –  $50.00

Help support the urgent delivery of emergency food during humanitarian crises such as a famine and the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to donations from the World ...

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Multiplies 2x In Value

Stock a Medical Clinic

$100.00  –  $200.00

Help stop the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and also stock clinic shelves. Help provide life-saving essentials like protective equipment, deworming drugs ...

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Goats, Hens and Roosters


Give a goat and chickens! We’ve paired our most popular animals, so you can givestruggling families meaningful gifts that will bring long-term change. Item ...

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Piglets + Chicks


The gift of baby pigs and chicks can be the beginning of something big. They’ll quicklygrow to become a steady source of food and income—and a blessing for ...

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Handmade Kenyan Black and White Bracelet


Handcrafted black and white bone bracelet with beautiful brass rings. This piece of handmade jewellery can be purchased individually or as a set which makes ...

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Handmade Kenyan Earrings


Beautiful handcrafted earrings made from brass and cow horn. Handmade by artisans living in Kibera, Kenya. The earrings are approximately 1”W x 1.75”L. When ...

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$100.00  –  $200.00

Goats are hearty and adorable animals. Their milk is rich in protein, calcium and other nutrients, and is a great benefit to children in need. A goat can pr ...

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Hens and Roosters

$50.00  –  $100.00

The crack of an egg. The first tiny chirp of a newborn chick. These small delights bring joy to children and families who receive hens and a rooster. Better ...

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Girls' Hygiene Kits

$25.00  –  $50.00

Menstruation can be a barrier between a girl and her education. Help provide feminine hygiene supplies and training to keep girls healthy and free to live t ...

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Farm Animal Fund

$20.00  –  $125.00

When you give to the Farm Animal Fund, donations are pooled together to provide farm animals such as cows, piglets, sheep and chickens that provide families ...

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Featured Gifts

Featured Gifts

Combat Climate Change

It takes a community to fight climate change. Your ecofriendly gift will help children and families learn sustainable farming, water management, income diversification and ...

Featured Gifts

Art and Music for Children

Fuel creativity. Help children discover talents. Your gift will help provide musical instruments, art supplies and instruction—which will give children new ways to cope wi ...

Featured Gifts

COVID-19 Response

Help stop the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) by providing things like protective equipment, masks, hand sanitizer and hand washing stations to vulnerable communities aro ...


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