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Feed Hungry Children and Families

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Feed Hungry Children and Families

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Rush power-packed food supplements and rations to malnourished, hungry children and families. Your gift multiplies 7X in value thanks to donations from the World Food Programme to support food security.

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Hungry children and families are filled again

Millions of children in Lebanon are experiencing a ‘crisis-within-a-crisis’. Not only have families lost income and livelihoods due to COVID-19 shutdowns. It’s happened in country reeling from a decade of social and economic unrest. Gnawing hunger is the everyday norm for far too many children.  

"I have been unemployed for a while now,” says one father, Mohammad, “with my parents and children to support.”

The family has barely been able to afford basic shelter: a tiny, two-room house. The girls have been unable to attend school remotely during lockdown – there’s been no money for data bundles. They’ve been spending their days in the little house, their bellies crying out for meals.

Fear for tomorrow

Mohammad and his wife, Waad, have been worried about the lasting effect of malnutrition on their children. They have four daughters, kids on the grow, both mentally and physically.

"Little girls need good food to grow properly," says Waad, the girls’ mother. Safa, Rayan, Tala and Assinat range in age from five to 10. Without food, they could feel the impacts of childhood malnutrition for the rest of their lives.

An eruption of relief

Then came some good news. World Vision, in partnership with the World Food Programme, began delivering food bundles to families in need in this region. A sense of relief erupted in the family’s little house.

“These food parcels are easing a big load of concern," says Waad. She can now cook healthy meals for her family – not worrying if there will be enough for everyone. "The boxes contain all the necessary ingredients,” she says, “and the girls are so happy with their food!”

This is the kind of change that’s possible when donors help families fill children’s bowls and bellies, giving gifts like ‘Feed Hungry Children and Families’ through the World Vision Gift Catalogue.