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Help break the cycle of poverty by supporting education for children in need.

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Art and Music for Children


Music and art provide creative pathways to self-expression and an escape from difficult circumstances. Your gift helps provide musical instruments, supplies ...

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Multiplies 2X in Value

Education Fund

$60.00 - $120.00

Every child dreams of what they can become - of a life filled with promise. But a child in poverty may never go to school. Your gift helps renovate classroo ...

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Furnish Classrooms


Your gift helps furnish classrooms with things like desks, chairs, chalkboards and more. Many rural schools don't have the learning essentials we take for g ...

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Gift of the Month


Imagine your heart on a trip around the world. Giving hope. Changing lives. Your Gift of the Month provides a new blessing every month—from medicines to edu ...

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Gift of the Season


This bountiful gift provides a new blessing every season—4 gifts of our most popular animals, such as goats, chickens, pigs and cows—wherever they are most ...

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Help Supply Classrooms

$50.00 - $100.00

Give children living in poverty the tools to succeed. Your  gift will help provide classrooms and libraries with things like books, notebooks, student suppo ...

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Multiplies 4X in Value

Nutritious School Meals

$35.00 - $140.00

Help provide nutritious lunches for children attending school. Your gift multiplies 4X in value, thanks to donations from the World Food Programme.

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School Essentials


Give children living in poverty the tools to succeed in their education. Your gift of essential school supplies will provide children with items like pencil ...

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Sports Equipment

$10.00 - $60.00

Soccer balls, volleyballs, basketballs, nets and more. Imagine the good times kids can share with other kids when you help provide sports equipment.

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Textbooks for Children


Reading is key to every child’s future. Yet schools worldwide have few books. Your gift helps provide storybooks, educational books and more.   

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Featured Gift

Feed Hungry Children and Families

Thanks to donations from the World Food Programme, your gift multiplies 4X in value to help provide urgently needed food to those hurt by natural disasters and humanitaria ...

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Agricultural Packs

Get in the spirit by helping hungry families grow food. Agricultural Packs include supplies like seeds, animal feed, tools, fertilizers, pest control and training. Emergen ...

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Heart on Your Sleeve Sweatshirt

This menswear inspired crew neck sweatshirt features a plaid heart detail on each sleeve. Working with you for the last 60 years, we’ve seen that Canada’s love knows no bo ...

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