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Education Fund

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Education Fund

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Every child dreams of what they can become—of a life filled with promise. But a child in poverty may never go to school. Help renovate classrooms, train instructors, improve literacy, provide vocational skills and more.

Thanks to contributions from the Canadian government, your gift multiplies 3X in value to support children’s education to help make their dreams come true.

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Children’s rights include education

Tax has grown up understanding the life-changing value of an education. But until recently, the 12-year-old boy in Laos couldn’t make the most of his opportunities.

He had a school to attend – that wasn’t the problem. But in the classroom, Tax and his friends lacked the resources and books they needed to learn even the basics.

Imagine the stress of knowing that education can lift you out of poverty, then not having even the simplest materials to learn with! No textbook to refer to, no pencil to write with and no notepad to practice in. Of having dreams that you can’t chase and a bright mind you simply can’t apply.

Resurrecting children’s dreams

This scenario is changing, for children like Tax. World Vision is helping provide the materials that young, developing minds are hungry for.

Not only can such gifts unlock the fascination, satisfaction and pride of learning today. They can open a world of doors for the future. 

“I have more opportunities to read now,” shares Tax, with a smile. “World Vision has provided learning materials and reading books to our school and encouraged us in our reading activities.” They have also helped train existing teachers, improving their skills so students can learn more effectively.

Potential for the future

Best of all, Tax can dream again. He wants to build a strong foundation of education in his community by becoming a teacher himself.

That’s living proof that an educated child is filled with potential – not just for themselves but for others. Helping girls and boys around the world learn and grow is an opportunity that should never be missed.

This is an example of the kind of change that’s possible when you donate to gifts like the ‘Education Fund’, through the World Vision Gift Catalogue.