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Help feed hungry children and families by providing them with seeds, training, tools and more to grow their own food.
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Combat Climate Change

$50.00  –  $100.00

It takes a community to fight climate change. Your ecofriendly gift will help children and families learn sustainable farming, water management, income dive ...

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Multiplies 4x In Value

Agricultural Packs

$35.00  –  $70.00

With the right farming resources, families can achieve real food security. Give what they need with agricultural packs. They help provide seeds, tools, trai ...

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Beehives and Beekeeping Kits

$60.00  –  $100.00

Bees are a smart gift and a great small business opportunity. Equipped with beekeeping supplies and beehives, beekeepers can produce 50 kilos or more of hon ...

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Chickens and Fruit Trees


A powerhouse combination of hens, roosters and fruit trees to provide two steady sources of protein and healthy vitamins. Fruit, eggs and meat can be sold a ...

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Crop Seeds for Farmers


Just a handful of fruit and vegetable seeds can give a family the chance to take root and grow. They provide fresh food and even extra income.  Item number: ...

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Fruit Trees and Seeds


Give fruit trees and seeds and you’ll provide food security for growing children and income for hardworking parents. Includes agricultural training and more ...

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Fruit Trees, Seeds and Tools


Our agricultural combo gift is packed with everything to help hungry families grow bushels of fruit and crops all year long. You'll provide things like crop ...

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Wood-Conserving Stoves


Safe and easy to use, these stoves can be powered by vegetable debris. Now, a family can use them to cook food they’ve grown, sanitize water and heat their  ...

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Featured Gifts
Featured Gifts

COVID-19 Support

Help stop the spread of COVID-19 by providing things like protective equipment, masks, hand sanitizer and handwashing stations to vulnerable communities around the world. ...

Featured Gifts

School Essentials

Help kids learn and succeed in their education with school essentials. Thanks to partner companies, your gift multiplies 5X in value to purchase, ship and distribute schoo ...

Featured Gifts

Send Girls to School

By supporting girls’ education, you help them rise from poverty and lift their communities. Your gift provides essentials like uniforms, school fees, materials and more. I ...

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