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Help feed hungry children and families by providing them with seeds, training, tools and more to grow their own nutritious food.

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Agricultural Packs

$35.00 - $70.00

Get in the spirit by helping hungry families grow food. Agricultural Packs include supplies like seeds, animal feed, tools, fertilizers, pest control and tr ...

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Crop Seeds for Farmers


When you donate seeds to families, you cultivate hope of all kinds. You offer dignity to hard-working farmers who deserve to make a good harvest. You help b ...

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Fruit Trees and Seeds


Oranges, mangos and bananas, oh my! No, not a fun song, but a way of partnering with World Vision and families to provide essential nutrients and protection ...

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Fruit Trees, Seeds and Tools


Our agricultural combo gift is packed with everything to help hungry families grow bushels of fruit and crops all year long. You'll provide things like crop ...

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Gift of the Season


This bountiful gift provides a new blessing every season—4 gifts of our most popular animals, such as goats, chickens, pigs and cows—wherever they are most ...

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Moringa Trees


Moringa trees produce animal feed, water purification, cleansers, medicine and rope fibre for sale at market. And their leaves are loaded with protein, vita ...

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Featured Gifts

Featured Gift

Lucky Iron Fish

Families drop this metal fish into a boiling pot to release critically needed iron into food. Your gift also provides moms and healthcare workers with educational workshop ...

$ 25
Featured Gift

Clean Water Fund

Contributing to a fund might feel like just a drop in the bucket. Yet this is one of our most-needed gifts! Nothing is possible without hydration and health. The Clean Wat ...

Featured Gift

Farm Animal Fund

Your donation is pooled together with other donors to provide animals such as chickens, goats, cows, piglets, sheep and alpacas. Animals are purchased locally and given to ...

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