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Join us as part of a global effort to take on and solve some of our world’s biggest challenges and ensure that children can live up to their God-given potential — and together change the lives of 300 million people by 2030. 

You'll help us tackle unclean water, broken healthcare, child violence, perilous futures and economic insecurity, creating opportunities for millions of the world’s most vulnerable people.

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Choose one of the recommended donation amounts.

Help end the cycle of poverty

You know our name. And our mission. For decades, we’ve worked tirelessly to balance the scales. But that’s the problem: decades.

Together, we feed the hungry. But more are starving every day. We bring clean water to places without it. But millions are still without access. We’ve moved impossible mountains. But we still have more mountains to move.

And with all that ahead of us, you’d think it would be hard to see the finish line. But it’s clear to us. We imagine the world the way a kid would. A world that doesn’t need World Vision. Hunger, poverty, and injustice are finally gone, and every child grows up in a world free of need and full of promise. It may sound audacious, even unattainable, but tackling the world’s biggest challenges is what we do, and today, the world needs us more than ever before.

We’re undertaking one of the most ambitious global fundraising campaigns in history to try and do exactly that. 

We’re inviting you to join us.


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Your gifts – offering brighter futures

Thanks to your ongoing generosity and the support of partners such as the government and gifts-in-kind partners, we are offering brighter futures for children everywhere we work.