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LocalxGlobal Tee - Women

Lina, a refugee from South Sudan, was paired with Quebec artist Sandra Chevrier, to create an empowering piece of art that was used in the creation of this t-shirt. Wear this garment proudly knowing that your gift of the “LocalxGlobal” tee will help children and families in need.

Crew Tee with full color chest artwork. Made of a blend of ethically sourced materials. 60% cotton and 40% polyester. 

When requesting this tee please note your gift, less the fair market value of $17, is eligible for a tax receipt. No refunds.   

Artisan Story
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Artisan Story

Artisan Story


“I feel like a Superlady because when I was painting it I began to see myself as the people in the painting. I want to be Superlady for my community”. Words from 16 year old Lina. In an amazing partnership with Apartial, an online community of artists, Lina was paired with Quebec artist Sandra Chevrier, to create an empowering piece of art. Lina is a refugee from South Sudan. Her journey began with the murder of her father. “I don’t know who killed him. My idea was that it was a thief because everything inside was busted. And then I decided to run. I didn’t even put my sandals on.” Thankfully, a neighbor helped Lina onto a bus bound for Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp in Uganda, where she has lived alone since August 2016. 

Painting gave Lina both an outlet and a reprieve from the pain of her past. Chevrier’s paintings, from which Lina’s art is based on, inspired her because, “it’s a mask of protection that protects you from the bad things in your life”. Lina’s own painting surrounds her striking gaze with superheroes. Lina is now part of a Peace Club, and is an Ambassador of Peace who works to improve relationships in the refugee camp. She has found friends, and through her role with the club, she knows everyone in her community. She is also focusing on her studies in science to become a nurse, a superlady in its own right. 

Through Lina’s story, we can see that life can change in an instant. If you likely know anything about World Vision, you know about its Child Sponsorship program. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work everywhere. In places like the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Honduras, the environments are too volatile to allow for such programs. In some cases, children and their families are forced to leave their homes to escape poverty, violence, conflict or natural disasters. 

World Vision works in some of the world’s most dangerous places and help children to survive, recover and build a future. Through interventions such as the establishment of child-friendly spaces to protect and provide support to vulnerable children, and flexible context-based peace-building activities to support social cohesion and help create peaceful communities, we can accomplish more than imagined.

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