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Help change the future for women and girls.

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Support her strength.

Imagine school being out of reach simply because you are menstruating.

Imagine having no choice as to who you marry, solely because you are a girl.

Imagine a future that is out of your hands because you were born female.

For many girls in the DRC, this is their reality.

With your partnership, POWER OF HER will create space for girls to learn, to heal, to participate—supporting them to take their rightful place as change agents for future generations.

Four Key Project Areas:

    1. Girl Friendly Schools
       - Girl friendly washrooms
       - Emergency hygiene supplies
       - Safety for girls traveling to school
    2. Protection, Healing and Empowerment
       - Psychosocial support and counseling
       - Empowerment to speak up for themselves and their safety
       - Girls’ clubs and child friendly spaces for safe learning and development
    3. Societal Change
       - Community discussions on the importance of girls’ education
      - Engaging girls and boys in discussions on gender equality and importance of girls’ education
    4. Literacy
       - Reading clubs to help girls learn and advance
       - Teacher training to improve girls’ reading and classroom participation

While the first POWER OF HER project will benefit the Kasai region of the DRC, our vision is to see girls and women around the globe empowered across many priority areas, including health and economic opportunity.

We invite you to partner with us to support her strength. Give to POWER OF HER to help change the future for women and girls.

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80.5% of donations are donated directly to programs that help children and communities in need. (Based on a 5-year average)

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