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Haitian Crisis Response

World Vision is helping vulnerable children, families and communities impacted by this crisis.

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Violence in Haiti is worsening, the impact spreading across the country.

Haiti’s suffering continues day and night. The gang siege in Port-au-Prince is now impacting rural communities, as families flee the capital for safety. Many Haitians are leaving the country altogether, treading dangerous paths to the Dominican Republic and other nations in search of asylum.

World Vision is deeply concerned by the heightened violence affecting millions of Haitians—especially children.

Children who deserve to sleep peacefully at bedtime are trapped in a daily nightmare. Families in Port-au-Prince exist in the terrifying crossfire of gang violence, laid bare to the threat of gang kidnappings and attacks.

Amid the chaos, Haitian parents are struggling to secure the basics needed to keep their children alive—food, water, child protection, emergency health care and so much more.

World Vision teams are doing all they can to provide essentials like these. And the need becomes more urgent every day. Children and their families desperately need your help. Please donate now.

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