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How can people prevent illness and waterborne diseases without access to clean water? In Zambia and Ethiopia, hundreds of thousands of children and families are under critical water stress.

But you can help change that. Your gift today will be MATCHED to help provide clean water to children in urgent need.*

With clean water, proper sanitation and hygiene education (WASH), children and their families can build a stronger future and thrive.

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Choose one of the recommended donation amounts.
Choose one of the recommended donation amounts.

Help provide clean water to children in crisis.

*For every $1 CAD committed to the WASH program overseas, a generous donor will match gifts up to the equivalent of $40M USD or until April 1, 2025, whatever comes first. Your gift will help:

  • Protect all children from disease by providing access to clean water and improving sanitation in their communities.
  • Ensure girls spend more time in classrooms than walking dusty roads to collect dirty water, or absence due to lack of resources for monthly cycles.
  • Sustain sources of clean water for drinking by equipping volunteers to maintain water systems and more.
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Your gifts – offering brighter futures

Thanks to your ongoing generosity and the support of partners such as the government and gifts-in-kind partners, we are offering brighter futures for children everywhere we work.