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Fruit Trees and Seeds

Oranges, mangos and bananas, oh my!

No, not a fun song, but a way of partnering with World Vision and families to provide essential nutrients and protection from disease. When we donate fruit trees to a family, the fruit helps to boost children’s immune systems. A family also receives agricultural training to ensure their orchards are sustainable. Donate fruit trees and, within 2-3 years, families will have a new income source. Even better, the seeds can multiply the blessings for a whole community.

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Gift Impact

Gift Impact

Where there used to be desperation, trees now stretch to the sky and ripe tomatoes abound. A family’s transformation began with a few fruit tree seedlings.

“The sight of a tree plantation makes me delighted,” says 13-year-old Boaz. “Suddenly, plantations of tomatoes and all kinds exotic, indigenous trees, and fruit trees of all sorts were peppered around our home. A green colour of nature enhanced our homestead. That was the beginning of the journey. It is beautiful.”

When people donate fruit trees, it is so much more than simply a gift. It is beauty, it is income, it is transformation.

In Homa Bay County, 13-year-old Boaz received training and certification as a young agro-forester. Because of this training and donor’s contributions to donate fruit tree seedlings, his family’s compound is now a beautiful, lush farm.

At one point, there was no water. “I feared for the survival of my trees, I was not sure,” reflects Boaz.

Homa Bay County has a predominantly dry climate. It does have rain cycles but when the dry season hits, it hits very hard. As a result, Boaz had to find a clever solution.

“During the growth process, I had to protect the trees,” says Boaz. He covered the trees with nets and applied cow manure. He watered them early from the family’s well in the morning to retain most of the moisture. The trees are now taller than Boaz!

Boaz’s father, 46-year old James, now has a grander vision for the family farm. In two short years, he has converted the homestead into a garden worthy of 10 years efforts.  His son is his inspiration.

Along with those who decided to donate the fruit trees, James credits his success to his son’s experience, teachings and advice.

“To see him plant trees and take care of them, made me stop and think about what I was doing. I then began to imitate him and learn from his process and experience. Planting trees is now the main focus. I knew it was something that could change my life,” James says.

With the increased cash flow from tree planting and farming, he has enrolled the children in a private academy.

“When they come home they help me. They do what they can do. They have planted most of the fruit trees,” James adds.

Encouraged by their success, James adds, “I can do something to change my life. If you do not do something, it’s like you are stranded. I want my farm to be a model farm for residents in my community.”

When you donate a fruit tree, you partner with people who, like you, can now use their skills to make a difference to others around them.

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