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Help vulnerable families survive in the most dangerous places

Your donation will multiply 2X in value to help provide life-saving essentials like emergency food and access to healthcare for refugee and vulnerable families.

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There was never much. Now there’s not enough.

Ration cuts have forced refugee and vulnerable families to the brink. Because of the pandemic, food rations have been cut and measures to contain the spread of the virus have severely hampered food distribution.

In Uganda, more than 195,000 children are suffering from acute malnutrition and more than 370,000 people are on the brink of famine. While Uganda is the largest refugee-hosting country in Africa with over a million refugees, the situation is dire in many other countries as well. In difficult places such as South Sudan, Burundi, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), survival has become a daily struggle.

Your donation today can help distribute emergency food to refugee and vulnerable children and families and provide things like access to healthcare, water, hygiene, food security, child protection and more.

Thanks to contributions from the World Food Programme, and other international partners, your donation multiplies 2X in value to provide things like emergency food distribution, access to healthcare, food security and more.

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