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Help end climate impacts

We want to help create a thriving environment for children and future generations by restoring the natural environment and working for climate justice. Together, we can equip communities to build resilience and work toward a brighter future.Right now, we’re doing so in places like Uganda and Chad.

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Choose one of the recommended donation amounts.

People living in the poorest countries contribute the least to these problems but are disproportionately affected by their negative consequences.

When severe storms, extreme heat waves, or long droughts hit, they can wipe out entire crops, leaving families struggling to put food on the table and make ends meet. This leaves families unable to provide for their children and without an income. Children, women, and people with disabilities are the most vulnerable and the least equipped to adapt to a changing climate. 

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Your gifts – offering brighter futures

Thanks to your ongoing generosity and the support of partners such as the government and gifts-in-kind partners, we are offering brighter futures for children everywhere we work.