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Help support World Vision's SUSTAIN project.

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In the Kigoma region of Tanzania, too many children and their mothers are dying.  Only 44% of deliveries are supported by a skilled birth attendant, and less than half of all mothers and their babies receive postnatal care from a health worker within 7 days of birth.

World Vision’s SUSTAIN project works to reduce maternal and newborn child deaths by working with local health service teams to increase their effectiveness. At the community level, community health workers are trained and supported to counsel pregnant women and other care givers (e.g. mothers-in-law, grandmothers, etc.) on issues of pregnancy and newborn care, encouraging the utilization of available health services.

Women and men, including adolescents, will become more knowledgeable of healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy and will have greater access to family planning services.

Because this project utilizes a Government of Canada grant, any support will multiply 6 times in impact!

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