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Access to health care is practically non-existent for children and mothers living in remote areas of South Sudan

In South Sudan, children and their mothers are dying due to preventable illnesses like malaria, cholera and measles, which are prevalent due to poor nutrition and low levels of immunity and immunization coverage. Two out of five South Sudanese children are malnourished. Prolonged conflict makes delivering the country’s health services even more difficult.

World Vision’s Health Pooled Fund (HPF) project works to reduce maternal and newborn child deaths by working with local health service teams to increase their effectiveness. The following project focuses will make an incredible difference:

  • growth monitoring for children under the age of 5,
  • creation of mother to mother support groups,
  • rehabilitation of malnourished children, and
  • the provision of antenatal, neonatal and postnatal care for mothers.
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