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Protect Children from Exploitation & Abuse

Help keep children safe from harm.

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Choose one of the recommended donation amounts.
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Children have the right to be protected, yet millions suffer from violence, exploitation and abuse every day.

An estimated 168 million children around the world are engaged in child labour. 

More than one in three girls are married before the age of 15.


When you give a single-gift, or give monthly to become a World Vision CRISIS CHILD PARTNER, you’ll help keep children safe from harm, teaching communities to protect children and prevent new cases of abuse or exploitation. In some cases, we provide health care, counseling, education, and vocational training to help survivors heal and return to their families.

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Donate today, and foster change for entire communities.

80.5% of donations are donated directly to programs that help children and communities in need. (Based on a 5-year average)

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