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We believe every child has the right to clean water.

Access to clean drinking water can help children and families become . . .


when fields can be irrigated crop yields and live stock increases, producing healthy food.


when children don't have to risk walking an average of 6K to collect water in unsafe areas.


When a child is well hydrated their ability to pay attention and learn in school increases.

Water is something we rely on every day - almost every hour of every day.  But, for 663 million people who don't have access to clean water and sanitation, water becomes the key to life.

From Africa to the Americas, we've brought clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene education to more than 7 million people in the last 5 years. With your help, we can achieve 10 seconds by 2020 - - and help 14 million more people!

World Vision Water Monthly Giving

Give clean water and start making a difference in a child's life today.

World Vision provides more clean water than any other non-governmental organization.

Well Digging

  • Access clean water from below the ground
  • Long term solution for children and communities

Water Pipelines

  • Bring clean water across long distances
  • Essential water source when wells are not an option

Solar & Hand Pumps

  • Bring clean well water to the heart of communities
  • Do not require electricity

Repair Mechanics

  • Proper maintenance keeps clean water flowing
  • Community members are trained to be water Technicians
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Donate today, and foster change for entire communities.

80.5% of donations are donated directly to programs that help children and communities in need. (Based on a 5-year average)

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