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World Vision is responding to the novel coronavirus pandemic through our work around the world.

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World Vision’s COVID-19 response has reached more than 81 million people, including 35 million children in more than 70 countries. Although we have exceeded our initial goal of 72 million, many more still need help.

It’s been more than two years since the world was brought to a halt by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hundreds of millions of cases and billions of vaccine doses later, we are still battling new COVID variants and record-high infections across the world.

Experts think the emergency phase of the pandemic may soon be over, but we want to make sure that no one is left behind.

By supporting World Vision’s COVID-19 response, you will help scale up preventive measures to slow the pandemic’s continuous spread, strengthen health systems and advocate for the protection of vulnerable children. Your gift will also provide children and families greatly impacted by the pandemic with life-saving essentials such as food, as well as educational materials for remote learning and more. World Vision also continues to advocate for the protection of children in vulnerable contexts who are facing compounding crises such as extreme hunger and conflict.

Let’s continue working together to support the most vulnerable.

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Your gifts – offering brighter futures

Thanks to your ongoing generosity and the support of partners such as the government and gifts-in-kind partners, we are offering brighter futures for children everywhere we work.