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Canada Tire will match your donation to the Kasangulu community!

Help to provide children and families with life-saving food, water, healthcare and more.

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Donate today and Canada Tire will match your donation to the Kasangulu community where you are currently sponsoring 20 children!

Gift Impact:

The Kasangulu community is located in the Bas Congo province, close to the capital city of Kinshasa. The community is spread across hills, and was founded long before the country's independence. Buildings once built by colonizers are used today by local administration.

Despite this history, however, the majority of people in Kasangulu do not have access to adequate shelter. Houses are not made of concrete and homes do not have enough space for families with as many as 7 children. Also, for security reasons, it is very common for people to keep livestock in their homes, which puts them at risk of disease.

Kasangulu is rich in natural resources, such as forests and rivers, which people in the area use to make a living selling charcoal, firewood, bricks, and vegetables. However, these activities contribute to the destruction of the environment through deforestation, land erosion, and a decrease of crop production such as cassava, plantains, and beans.


What are we doing in Kasangulu?


Education and Child Protection:

  • Ensuring children can finish primary school in a safe and supportive environment with resources like text books
  • Enabling adolescents to access vocational training centres
  • Protecting children from abuse, exploitation and early marriage
  • Enabling children to understand their rights and creating child parliaments so children’s voice are heard

Economic Development:

  • Ensuring parents can provide for their children
  • Increase agricultural productivity
  • Increase household savings and access to credit for income-generating activities

Additional Support:

  • Providing text books to schools
  • Organizing reading contests for primary school students
  • Providing equipment like sewing machines to vocational training centers
  • Organizing child parliament events for parents, religious leaders and local authorities to be sensitized on child protection issues
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