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Balinese Multi-Strand Bracelet

Make your love shine when you give this multi-strand black, silver and gold beaded bracelet crafted by Balinese artisans. Bracelet has adjustable toggle for easy fit.

When requesting this bracelet please note your gift, less the fair market value of $28, is eligible for a tax receipt. No refunds.   

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Artisan Stories

Artisan Stories

Most of the artisans at this fair-trade co-op in Indonesia are women – 90% women and 10% men. This is because of the working structure that has been designed to compensate women’s problems in Bali Urban Area.  It is set up so they can work on a very flexible schedule, as well as the traditional 9 – 5, if that better suits their situation. Flex-time is the solution to women’s economic sustainability. Here are two inspiring stories on the difference this flexibility can make in these artisans’ lives:

Ni Kadek Sarini, age 36, is a house wife with 2 kids. As a Balinese woman living in an urban area, she has obligations to her family and tradition. In Bali, there are a lot of ceremonies, and the preparation requires a lot of time and energy. It is hard for her to work on a regular work schedule, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and have time to do her required community and family work, too. This made it very difficult for her to find a job. She worked at many different places and always ended up having to resign because she had to be absent from work to fulfill her obligations for ceremony preparations for her family and her village.  By doing the jewelry production, she can now work on a very flexible timeframe, and she can even work from home in-between her ceremony time.  Her hope is to save enough money so she can keep her kids in school and even send them to college if they want that. She wants her kids to have more education than herself.

 I Wayan Lentara, 30 years old, is married with one daughter and is a high school graduate. His father is a farm worker with low income and could not afford to send him to college. His mom is paralyzed from sickness. He had to work right away after finishing high school. He couldn’t find a job at first, so he was just helping his father. Then he found a fair-trade group and worked as a general helper. Because of his self-motivation, he learned fast and soon he became one of the best jewelry makers, as well as excelling in wind chime assembly and other craftwork. From his earnings, he is now able to help his family and managed to save enough to get married.  He is happy now with his lovely wife and one sweet daughter.  His hope for his future is to go back to his own village and start an organic farming business with his family with the savings he is now accumulating slowly but surely from his handicrafts.                                                                            

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