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Alpacas: adorable, durable and surprisingly life-changing! These furry animals can produce up to four kilograms of wool annually over a 15-20 year lifespan. When you help donate an alpaca, that wool will not only keep a family warm, but the extra wool can be sold or crafted into clothing, baskets and rugs to be sold at market.

As with all gifts of livestock, training in animal husbandry and business skills is also provided to help families increase their income long-term. When you help donate an alpaca, it can work to change the course of a family’s future!

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Gift Impact

Gift Impact

Alpacas change a family’s future

Someone, somewhere decided to help donate an alpaca. In a small village, in the highlands of Peru, a mom’s career is enhanced, and a family and community are blessed as a result of that decision.

This is Emerita’s story - a young mother and woman entrepreneur in the Quiruvilca region.

Emerita’s journey with World Vision began in 2007 and continues right up to today as she recently received three alpacas, one male and two females. The new animals will be bred to increase her herd. Along with other mothers in the community, this young entrepreneur and family income-earner attended training where she learned to care for the animals, ensuring they remained healthy and productive.

Emerita also learned about alpaca husbandry, from gathering the wooly fibers to learning how to knit! The wool will allow her to knit sweaters and beanies for her children, keeping them warm and healthy.

It doesn’t stop there. Building on her own success in business, Emerita contributes to the people and children in her community as an active participant in programs that improve children’s development. “I like to help others, and see that all children can improve their development, especially that they finish their studies and, God willing, they will become professionals.”

Thanks to the generosity of Canadians who chose to help donate an alpaca from the Gift Catalogue, Emerita is empowered to use her training to build a flourishing life for herself, her family, and her community. “I am happy, because my children are already finishing school; I am going to register them for secondary school.”

Alpacas are truly a life-changing gift!

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